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Kohutek Engineering & Testing, Inc. is a Central Texas Engineering and Consulting firm specializing in Geotechnical Engineering, Construction Materials Testing, Environmental Assessments and other Specialized Laboratory Testing and Inspection Services.



Kohutek Engineering & Testing, Inc. offers geotechnical engineering and consulting services on a wide array of diverse projects to general contractors, developers, architects, engineers, governmental agencies, public and private entities and municipalities.

Our typical geotechnical engineering projects include:

- Foundation 
- Pavement design 
- Soil borings 
- Rock core drilling 
- Site feasibility reports 
- Soil management 
- Slope stability studies
Kohutek Engineering & Testing, Inc. is experienced in specialized site investigation techniques, such as Falling Weight Deflectometer, Ground Penetrating Radar, Slope Instrumentation and other geophysical methods.

- Exploratory drilling and sampling
- In-situ measurement and instrumentation using procedures such as vane shear strength, piezometers and heave/settlement points
- Full soil mechanics laboratory testing for proper classification and identification
- Inspection and testing services for lime stabilization, soil cement, concrete, steel, earthwork and paving materials
- State-of-the-art computer modeling and analysis capabilities



Kohutek Engineering & Testing, Inc. works in conjunction with owners, professional design teams and contractors to assure conformance with project specifications for materials and procedures during construction.  Services include a full range of soil, concrete, steel and asphaltic concrete laboratory testing and on-site consulting, testing and inspection services.  All work is performed by professional engineers and qualified engineering technicians using state-of-the-art equipment.  Some of our construction material engineering services include:


- Fill Evaluation and Placement Control
- Acceptance Testing
- Soil Management and Compaction Control
- Lime and Cement Injection and Stabilization
- Soil Resistivity Testing
- Proof Rolling
- Soil Liner Evaluation Reports (SLER)
- Landfill Liner Permeability


- Strength Testing (compressive and flexural)
- Core Testing
- Aggregate Acceptance Testing
- Mix Designs
- Concrete Placement Control
- Grout and Mortar Testing
- Concrete Plant Inspection


- Roller Compacted Concrete Paving
- Flexible Base Acceptance
- Compaction Control
- Asphaltic Concrete Mix Design and Placement Inspection
- Concrete Paving, Testing and Inspection


- Reinforcing Bar Placement Inspection
- Post Tension Cable Placement and Stressing Inspection
- Welding or Bolt Inspection
- Plant or Shop Quality Control


- Roofing Inspection
- Fire Proofing Inspection
- Full Scale Load Testing
- Trench Safety Analysis
- Testing Support for Failure Investigations
- In-situ Testing
- Pier and Piling Inspection
- Timber Framing Inspection



Structural Steel:

- Field welding inspection
- Welding certification
- Torque / tension testing of bolted connections
- Inspection of structural steel erection
- Ultrasonic examinations
- Inspection of structural steel shop fabrication
- Dye penetrant testing
- Magnetic particle testing
Special Services:

- Forensic evaluations
- Expert testimony
- Failure analysis
- Slab moisture emission tests
- Floor flatness surveys
- Absorption and strength testing of masonry and stone